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If you add a barrel @ $117 plus grips plus lanyard loop to restore it you might have spent close to the cost of a complete revolver !
Would suggest you enjoy it as it is !

These "tanker" models do show up from time to time and yes gun show bandits usually attach "rare" or experimental" to price tag and ask too much money for a sporterised military arm.

AFAIK there were no Enfield revolvers made with the short barrel. US importers bobbed the barrels to make the guns sell. Same as shaving Webley cylinders from .455 to work with .45ACP and .45 Auto Rim. Lots of ads in pre 1968 US gun magazines for the Enfield tankers. $19.95 or less !

$300 is probably an upper end value. But you do have a handy, sturdy .38 pocket cannon. The .38 S&W cartridge is factory loaded to Black Powder pressure. If you hand load you can stoke it up a bit to about .38 Special .
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