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Hello all,

Nice sight. I am glad I found it. Lots of interesting facts and OPINIONS.

I have a couple MN questions and a couple general milsurp gun questions.

I have 2 MN's. One a romanian M44 that I purchased about 5-6 years ago and a Hex 91/30 I bought last summer. (Oh, and I have an 1895 revolver)

The M44 has a really nice looking bore, but the stock is cracked at the wrist. Are the stocks numerically matched, or can I buy a replacement for it that is not cracked without detracting from the value?

I think I bought the 91/30 from J&G or CDNN (I live in NE Ohio and I am in Texas working right now, so I can't look up the receipt). It has been reconditioned and the metal looks really nice. I cleaned the bore and boy-oh-boy it's so bright you can hardly see the rifling.

Then I slugged it and found out that it has almost no rifling!

Just in front of the chamber it's about .320+ and at the muzzle it slugs out to about .318-, as I remember. I was going to use it for a cast bullet project gun, now I think I will rebarrel it. I would like to use a spec barrel because I like the way the gun looks, (I can find enough hacked ones, and hacked mausers where I live to build sporters from).

Where do I look for a barrel? I sure would like the bluing to match.

Now for some "other gun" questions.

I have a few vz24's with the crest ground off. The bores are terriblly pitted, also. The numbers do not match. Are they worth collecting? I turned one into a 22-250 several years ago, but I have more. I am not interested in most wall-hangers.

I have an FN 98K with a badly damaged crown, but matching numbers and a 1950's date. (I think it's painted, BTW). The person whom I got it from was shooting 30-06 through it. It shot very badly, as expected. I plan on chamber casting it (and DEFINITELY checking headspace!!)this summer to see what it should actually be fed, but I am sure it is a 30 cal. Can I re-crown it without destroying it's value? I would have to remove 3/16, or more, from the muzzle to do it, but I can get a cutter with the same muzzle profile.

Does anyone know where I can get some Mannlicher clips for a Steyr 1895 stutzen carbine? What a sweet little gun, but the ammo I bought doesn't come with the clips. I loaded some light loads for it with the Hornady bullet and Czech brass and it shot to about an inch at 50 yds.

Some of the retailers are hocking other hex and round receiver dates. Are there any that are more (or less) desirable from a quality standpoint?

I think I gotta buy a book on Nagants.

Thanks all,
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