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A. Why do the guys on the CMP forum say not to use new production, commercial ammunition in these? I'm quite fond of HotShot and Prvi Partizan and have always found them safe and reliable.

B. What parts will I need to grease? Is the brown axle grease from AutoZone o.k. to use?

C. Will my CMP Garand be safe to fire on arrival, after careful inspection and thorough cleaning? Or, does a gunsmith *still* need to check it out, anyway? There are no gunsmiths around here that I trust very much, sad to say.

A. The M1 rifle was NOT designed to shoot the commercial round known as "30-06 Springfield". It was designed to shoot the US Military round known as "US Caliber .30". They look the same and will chamber in the same weapons. They are NOT the same round. USGI specs for pressure curve are quite different from SAAMI spec for commercial ammo. Many commercial varieties of 30-06 have a pressure curve that will cause damage to the M1 rifles gas system.

To stay safe and "in spec" with the M1 rifles gas system shoot only milsurp M2 ball ammo. Currently extant ammo includes USGI M2, Korean M2, both KA and PS headstamps (Note: KA is corrosive), and Greek HXP M2.

B. Get "The M1 Owners Guide" by Scott Duff. All you need to know about maintaining your M1 rifle.

C. The onus of safety with shooting any weapon is on the shooter . The statement from the CMP is mainly a CYA thing..... but if it makes you feel better.... have the rifle checked out.

Re Ammo: Please note that the Greek commercial Olyimpic Brand 30-06 ammo is NOT safe for the M1 rifle. Muzzle flash and report are noticeably higher than normal military M2 ball. This is a sure indicator of ammo that is loaded with powder that is way too slow and unsuitable for the M1 rifles gas system. Damage can be occuring over time with each round fired. Once the damage becomes apparent it is too late.... Parts replacement will be the only recourse. I believe that this is the primary reason that M1 op-rods are becoming so expensive in recent years..... The price has tripled in just the last 2 years.

If the Olympic brand that you were firing was on the low end of pressure... this just shows a total lack of consistency to the product. Not a good thing for an M1 at all.

Just my 2 bits,

Garands forever
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