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Found this Board while trying to research a 30 cal AP M2 ammo Lot #.

I have an unopened, in highly exceptional MINT condition, Spam Can of 30 cal AP M2, 8-rnd Clips and Bandoleers, and would like to find out out about when it was manufactured...The ammo is identified by: Lot SL 9978.

I have gotten some info from one source, that does not jive with some info from another source---So it's kinda confusing when that occurs!!

I had read someplace (in an earlier SEARCH) that the "SL" factory (St. Louis) produced this ammo from '42-'45, and then moved all it's equipment elsewhere---and from that point on the lot number on the Spam Can should read: "SL*", rather then simply "SL"----and note the addition of the * to the location identifier, after the supposed move...AND THEN, why then I noted at another Site that supposedly, the St Louis facility was still putting out 30 cal AP M2's into the 50's...What the heck?

But anyways...would sure like to either get a Link to someplace that can break down the Lot # into a date, OR, maybe one of you fella's can simply supply that info from one source or another?

And I thank you much in advance for any light you may be able to shed on this!!

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