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New to me: m/41 Sniper Rifle

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I just added this one to my collection. A 1917 Carl Gustaf m/41 sniper rifle from the 12th Infantry Regiment. It's all matching except for the rear sight parts and the cleaning rod and there's no import mark. The bore is beautiful with sharp rifling. It has a "crown S" on the wrist of the walnut stock and the type 1 scope base is stamped "4" on the front side. Another interesting thing is a horizontal black stripe painted on the buttplate. Unfortunately, it didn't come with the scope or upper scope mount. I may buy an Accumounts upper half and put a Weaver K4 on it while I wait for an original scope and mount to come my way (could I be so lucky?). Here are some pictures:


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Looks like it is in nice condition . Another painted buttplate to go with the green ones we know nothing about . Finding a M41 mount , rings & scope may not be to hard , as they turn up for sale every so often . Biggest problem may be the dovetails not locking up correctly . You can shim a small base dovetail , but an oversize base would be a problem .

Good luck .
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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