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New (to me) Enfield Mk3*

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Picked up this Enfield this weekend, i have been wanting an ishapore, but no luck yet, so i snagged this one out of an older retiree's personal collection. How did i do? I haven't broken her down completely yet for a cleaning, but i'm almost thinking i don't want to even open her up, i like the character that the rifle has. What all should i look for for markings or issues that are common with these? I see that he bolt and receiver have matching numbers, and some other parts have matching numbers stamped into them---like the matching MA 46 that is on the stock and on the lug of the bolt as seen on the pics. How would you guys rate the quality of this Enfield? I don't know how i flaked and missed a pic of the side plate with the model, but that will be added tonight, i think it is an SMLE MK3* though. What is the "SLAZ 42" on the pistol grip designating?

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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