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New to Me EG

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Just picked up this EG today. The photos are not that great from my cell, but you get the idea. Anyhow, the seller was a pawn dealer selling items at the Portland gun show. When I saw the price and the Hungarian label on it, I figured it was time to deal. Getting a Mak for less than 3 in my area, especially at a gun show, is a good deal.

Anyhow, will this be a problem for me on my FFL03? I have logged it into my log correctly, but when he logs it out of his as whatever he has it as, incorrectly and my FFL03 number, I'm wondering if it'll flag something with an inspector. It is an EG so FFL03 transferable. His log is wrong though. I didn't get into this with the seller though.

Did these come in cosmo when they originally sold these? I am curious because of some of the gunk I had to clean off of it. Looked reminiscent of cosmo.

I think this one needed some TLC, it has the start of some moisture pocking which didn't show up in the pics under the '64' since it is so light. Cleaned and lubed it looks slick and the bore is mirror bright.

Can't wait to get this one to the range!

Anybody know where to get original flat grips?


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His log, his problem. They may want to look at yours, but if all your 'ducks are in a row' you'll be fine.
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