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New to me - 1896/11, how old is she?

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I got a sweet deal on this 1896/11. I've never owned a Swiss rifle, or handled one. But I got it cheap because it had no magazine. I like it, it's loooooooooong! But beautifully crafted, and the bore is pretty awesome for being about a century old. I did take it apart and clean it. All the parts, band, small parts, stock and hand-guard match, which I understand is the standard for these rifles.

How do I find what year it was built?
Any way to find a magazine?

Questions, comments and observations are very welcome. :)
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You can check here

If I looked in the right column 1898.

Nice rifle.
If I looked in the right column 1898.
Nice rifle.
Awesome. Thanks. This is now the oldest rifle I have. I think it's an antique, sweet! Now, I need to go shoot it.
Check gunbroker for a magazine. I think there are a couple listed currently. Libertytreecollectors has muzzle covers.
Does it have a soldiers tag under the butt plate?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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