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Hello All,

I decided to buy a canon kit. Nothing huge or intimidating, it shoots a .69 cal ball, 11.5" barrel length.

The Canon is 99% finished, and I'm getting anxious to try it out. I've researched loading/re-loading and cleaning techniques, charge amts and Black Powder. But where I'm unsure is when it comes to shooting a salute charge. And honestly this canon will be mostly used this way.

How much paper/or cardboard do you pack into the barrel? I'm guessing 2" but until I know for sure it's not gonna happen. The mfg states load amt's of BP at 55-85 grains.

Thought you might want to see a pic, and sorry for not adding something to the photo for scale. Overall length is approx 13.5 inches. If anyone here is planning to do something similar, I would be glad to share my experiences in putting this canon together. Although not 100% accurate, the canon is fashioned after a USS Constitution's lower deck carriage gun.

Thanks for the help,



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