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New regulation eases ban on guns in national parks
By MATTHEW DALY – 43 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — People will now be able to carry concealed weapons in some national parks and wildlife refuges.

The new Interior Department rules allow an individual to carry a loaded weapon in a park or wildlife refuge — but only if the person has a permit for a concealed weapon. The state where the park or refuge is located must also allow guns in parks.

The rule overturns a 25-year-old regulation that has restricted loaded guns in parks and wildlife refuges. The previous regulations required that guns be unloaded and placed somewhere that is not easily accessible, such as in a car trunk.

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guns in parks

Thats good news. We camp and fish in the Everglades National park. sometimes we stay back there for up to 5 days at the time. the Park has allways had a regulation that stated weapons were prohibited. Back in the 80s the Everglades was a hot bed of drug smuggling activity and sometimes we would be back there fishing and see that C47 come down to treetop level and then veer off and then the sound of an out board starting. thats when we would duck up the nearest mangrove creek and be real quiet. The thought of being 50 miles back in the park with out a firearm is pretty much absurd. No one back there to protect you except yourself. The interesting thing about the National Parks. they are dealing with regulations not laws. If a National Park is located in a State that has a law stating a person may have in his possession a firearm then the law superseeds the regulation. at least that has been our stance for thirty years and it has worked so far. Nice to see that they are making the thing legal. Makes things a whole lot easier.

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Also need to make sure that the reciprocity law applies.
Bingo. You must firt find out if your state's CCW is recognized in the Park's state.

Good news and thanks for the post BR.

This could turn out to be one less silly law - and one that I've previously violated with some regularity. :rolleyes:
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