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I just got this revolver in a trade. It is in excellent condition. Notice that it has a tassel that looks original. What do you think? It is missing the trigger return spring. I think I found on from a frence source recommended here. Any information that you could provide will be helpful.


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It does look quite period, it is not regualtion but could have been placed there by the original owner or another owner of it at one point as a momento.
Blue tassels were used by the Dragons (Dragoons)


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I have an 1873 in similar condition, stained but not pitted. Last I checked, there were two on gunbroker for $850 and $975...not that those prices are necessarily a measure of value. I took mine to a gun show and was offered $500 in trade-value by a dealer. I declined the offer. He said that $500 was what he received for the last 1873 he sold. The Military Weapons book has prices ranging from $200 to $1000.

If you haven't pulled the sideplate, you should. The craftsmanship is amazing. Even the small parts have the serial number.

Although the ammo is not available, I've read that you can alter a 44 mag case and use bp or low level powder. Not that I intend to to that
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