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I just bought a French Military Model 1907/15 rifle (8x51R manufactured in St. Eitenne Arsenal) The price was right, the bore in good condition, but the stock has been chopped.

If anyone can help me with leads to find a needle in a haystack...original military stock for it, I would be most appreciative...Also looking for a source that could either supply ammo for it, or give me specs for the 8X51R French cartridge so I can pass it on to my ammo/reloading guy.

If anyone is familiar with this rifle, I'd like to know if it requires a stripper clip to load it, as does my Carcano...If so, I basically have a single shot rifle until I find stripper clips for it, if ever.

Thanks so much for any info ya'll can pass my way....Irish

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It does require a clip to load it with more than one round, but it is not a stripper. It is a Mannlicher style clip that actually holds the rounds in there until they are all gone, and then it is supposed to drop out of the bottom. Some 07/15s actually have the M16 magazine (which protrudes from the stock) and use a five round clip. An original 07/15 uses a 3 round clip. You can find either clip, though the three round examples are hard to find.
GRAFs has the brass. Lee has good dies for not too much money. Data is available, as is loaded ammo.
Stocks are hard to find. If your rifle is in otherwise very good shape, it might make sense to buy a junker rifle with the stock and hardware to complete it. There are quite a few of these rifles in bad condition out there.
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