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2007 has been a great year for publications dealing with Mauser firearms. The latest is Jon Speed's new 550 page book on Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf, "The Mauser Archive", which was released for sale by mail order and at shows a week ago. It is published by Collector Grade Publications in Canada. This is the book Jon has been working on for a number of years. Its publication has been rumored to be "just around the corner" for almost three years.

The book is accurately titled as an "Archive" because it features hundreds of pages of original, previously unknown Mauser source documents, including many period photographs, and hundreds of pages a hand-written factory daybook entries of sales, offers, inventories and contract shipments. Because the sporting rifles market was highly competitive and required extensive advertising, many of the most interesting documents and photographs are of Mauser's extensive line of small and large bore sporting arms.

Additionally, images of the original 19th and 20th century military and commercial sales and production records (1887-1945) are shown. There is also a lot new information on Mauser military rifles, as well as handguns, like the C96 Broom handle, and the complete line of Mauser pocket pistols and Lugers. Most importantly, Mr. Speed has translated everything into English. No internet translators needed! :)

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