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The easiest way is to see what the big guys are selling it for. I sell 54r all day long for 5.00 a box w/ no problem. MiWall Wholesale ammo at show in Phoenix was selling Czech 54r from the 50s for that price, and it was all heavy ball. I can match them, and tell the customer you don't charge sales tax either, or that the tax is included. Most big ammo vendors are all sold out of surplus 8mm. The 5 dollar box of 15 sure looks better than the 14.00 dollar box of Wolf Gold, or 18.00 box of Sellior and Bellot or Winch. 25c a round on 54r is a bargain right now. If you really want to move it quicker, go 39 a can, or 2 cans for 75.00! You will make 3.00 less but people always like a twofer, and if you are not into it too badly, losing 3.00 will move it quicker. I would sell the Yugo on the mg links for 35c a round cause you are getting the links and can for free. Guys love those cans. Thats still only 7.00 for 20 rounds, and that's what MiWall get for the m75. I have shot both in very accurate rifles and have seen no difference in accuracy. Remember your signs, ammo closeout, blowout, etc. Have skeptics compare with the big guys, and adding their tax, show them your price! Get the most for your work and money!
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