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If you want to sell out quickly I think you should price as such...

Hungarian HB copper washed 7.62x54R....15cts/rd
Albainian brass cased 7.62x54r..............13cnts/rd
Bulgarian HB brass cased 50's 7.62x54r...13cnts/rd
Czech silver tipped steel cased in 20 round boxes 7.62x54R...15cts/rd
Czech brass cased 50's 8mm Mauser in 15 round boxes......20cnts/rd
Yugo 80's 8mm brass cased on links in 250 round ammo cans....25cnts/rd
Korean corrosive 30 06 on clips, bandoleers in ammo cans......30cnts/rd

the 762x54 would be the ammo that sells the slowest because there is a lot of it around. If you price the ammo where it is about what the dealers can buy it for then they may buy it up to clear it off your table and all the ammo dealers have extra cash to spend right now. If you go a little high then you might haul it in and out without selling much, and if the crowd is not there to buy that caliber then the dealers are your best outlet.
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