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I got a heck of a deal off Ebay on a Krag stock that was to be a sporterized version with cheak rest and such, but with my power hand planner, it is becoming an original looking rifle length stock. Yes, it won't be the real thing but the old gal has nice metal and the stock that was on it, cleaned up but is not the answer to my desires. This will go with my want-to-be Krag carbine and I'll have a resemblence of both styles. The action area was partially cut out but was a bit off in places so out come the AcraGlass and she's a luuukkking guuudd. I will need to make a handguard for her and have a supply of short pieces of Black Walnut layen about. I'm not finding any of the clips to secure the handguard and may have to try my hand a making them as well. I'm pleased I have an inexpensive project to keep these ol fingers limber. :thumbsup: I'll post some pics when she gets all together.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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