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As posted in another link on here, the NJ legislature has passed a 10 round magazine limit. The bill also bans many tube feed .22 rifle. It is now up to Governor Christie whether he signs it into law or vetos it. It is believed that Christie has the office of president on his mind. Even though your state may have looser gun controls and may not be in danger of passing any please help New Jersey gun owners by emailing governor Christie and reminding him that magazine capacity limits do not stop crime and only affect law abiding gun owners. I think if he hears from a few hundred concerned voters from out of state asking him to veto A2006/S993, it may help him make the right decision. If you don't like Christie, that's fine, just be civil and help your fellow NJ gun enthusiasts out a bit. Thanks!

The link below will bring you to a page where you can email the NJ Governor. For the email topic select "Law and Public safety"
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