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Welcome to the Boards! Browse the different forums and threads, and use the Search feature to see if someone else has already asked any questions you might have. Your questions about scopes have been posted in the past, so a search will turn up a bunch of hits.

I'll echo what M. Stewart said, though - your M44 may not be as "leet" as some other MN's, but it's still got a unique history and character. You'll find that most of the people frequenting these forums prefer to keep their MN's as-is, or at most doing a gentle cleaning to remove grime and oil that would otherwise come off on one's hands and clothing. So posting a query about replacing the stock with a composite, and mounting a scope, will get you some frowns and acerbic responses ;)

My humble suggestion is that you leave the M44's stock alone, and you may want to do a search for scout mount options. Essentially, this mount replaces the rear sight leaf and uses the leaf's mounting points, so no permanent modifications are done to the rifle. Darryl's Scout Mounts are an example, but there are others as well. You then mount an extended eye-relief scope, such as a pistol scope. They work pretty well out to the distances you mentioned.

Hope you enjoy your time here.
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