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New Guy with Old Colt...

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I just joined the forum here, because I was doing some research on my Colt New Army (New Service) that I inherited from my step-dad. I had a workmate take a look at this weapon in 2005 and he came up with a couple pages of printed information off the web, which was informative but it also raised a lot of questions. He also noted that the firearm was unsafe for firing, due to the cylinder and barrel not aligning properly. I put the weapon away and forgot about it, until recently, when I began looking into its history and age, and other details. I knew it was an English cartridge calibre, and it was either an English or Canadian service pistol. While I researched it further I discovered the two different ammo versions, Webley and Eley. At first, I thought it took Webley ammunition, which was good, since Webley ammunition is still available. Yesterday I took the weapon to a local smithy, and he identified it as an Eley, and also determined what the misalignment problem was. I called Colt Firearms LLC to send it to them, to get it repaired, but I was informed they no longer accept these for service and repair, and referred me to Jack First. I haven't contacted Mr. First yet, since I didn't know what parts I would need yet. The smith told me it was an easy fix, if I can get the part/s for it. Here's the dilemma though, without ammo for this weapon, what would be the point in repairing it, aside from the potential value as a "fireable or working" weapon?

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Colt New Service pistols in .455 are either marked .455 Eley, or .455 Colt. Colt would not mark the Webley name on their guns since Webley was a competing firearms manufacturer. Eley was primarily an ammunition manufacturer. The .455 Eley and .455 Colt are not much more than renamed .455 Webley MkI cartridges.
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