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Just my opinions, here:

#1 How do you remove the stock rings without scratching the wood ,it's already scratched??
#2 how and what would be best materail to refinish the stock back to original??
#3 I got lucky this seems to have the two screws for scope (Ex sniper???)
#4 I took it apart to clean and the blue is absolutly awesome like brand new.
Any help will be appreciated and returned in kind when i have some thing to offer.

1) I just push in on the retaining spring, and slide the barrel bands up. As most of the Mosin Nagants are refurbished, and have already been shellac'ed more than once, I don't worry much about scratches.
2) Red garnet shellac.
3) Check out the parent site of this forum: or www.7, for explainations and photos of the sniper variations.
4) Ivan must have been in a good mood during that step of the refurbishment.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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