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Just wondering if anyone else has tried Weapon Shield? I was looking for something better than the solvents and oils I've used for years and was about to try Militec or Eezox when I came across this product being discussed on The Firing Line forum. Got a sample of it and glad I did. I'm not trying to sell it but I did tell George if I was impressed I would tell others.

So; This is definitely the best cleaner, lube and protectant I've ever used and cheaper than Militec. Once used on a gun, then a day of shooting, it's even easier to clean than the first time. Now a Mak is definitely no chore to clean, but many of my other guns are a pain.
The biggest difference I noticed on my Mak was the D/A trigger pull and racking the slide is
easier and lighter. After treating it my son thought I had worked on the trigger. A one ounce bottle treated the Mak, an AK and a 10/22, cleaned all three again after use and still had about 1/2 ounce. I was impressed enough I ordered a 16oz. bottle and now the rest of my guns are treated with it. From the posts I've seen on the "other forum", a lot of others did the same. I got rid of all my other stuff except for Sweets which is for heavy copper on my 22-250. I know most everyone has their favorite as I do now, but if like me your looking for something better you might give this stuff a look.

If you'd like, give them a call and talk to George or Mark. Good guys. Good service.
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