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Just got this one today. Very good condition. Pommel markings M47A under Broad Arrow shows BSA made it starting 1945. Last bayonet for No4 rifle, intended as a knife as well. Supposedly made originally for the Sten SMG. Muzzle ring is from the No5 Jungle Carbine bayonet made in 1944. Blade from same bayonet. Hilt has the uncommon black plastic grips. Also, scabbard is a cutdown Australian P07 scabbard with OA markings (Orange Arsenal) on metal ends. Question is were they issued like this? Next bayonet, the L1A1 had the metal scabbard from No5 bayonet!
Dagger Blade Scabbard Hunting knife Knife
Dagger Blade Metal
Finger Hand Thumb Metal
Window Metal
Forgot the /L designation is for "Land".
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