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So I bought a FN Mauser off of GB last week and have a few questions of the experts.
When was it made?
Since it appears to be a custom rifle was it imported as an FN action by Firearms International or was it a regular FN that was given a new stock etc by a gunsmith. Is there any way to tell?

I have not shot it as of yet but my impressions so far are:
1. I thought that the stock engraving might be kind of weird but in person it is not bad and the wood of the stock is beautiful overall.
2. The bluing is amazing even better than my Western Field/Sako 243 that came to me almost NIB.
3. This thing is built like a tank. (I am a former M-1 guy so I know tanks) I weighted it and it comes in at 2.5 lbs more than my Husqvarna 1600 30-06. A "Mountain Rifle" she ain't!
4. I was surprised that it didn't have a rear sight but in looking at 1950s ads for FNs it seems like that they came with receiver sights most of the time etc for JC Higgins ones etc.
Finally today these FNs sell for $500-600. Pre-64s sell for $ 900-1400. Back in the 50s and 60s FNs sold for 30% more than the Winchester Model 70s. Markets change but they may have been a better judge of horseflesh back in the day.
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