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New DPMS lower mag catch issue..With a happy ending.

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Brand new DPMS complete lower has a defective magazine catch! I couldn't believe it...Pinned the upper on and went to insert a mag, and it wouldn't "catch".
Huh??...First Mag was a C-mag....2nd try was a Magpul, 3rd was an AR Stoner. WTF?
So i look at the mag Catch, damn thing has no raised surface to "catch" the magazine cutout. I wonder where DPMS quality control was that day?...Not to mention, they didn't catch it (no pun intended) during assembly of the Lower.
....I wonder how many are out there now?
Not a big deal, just really annoying, and their website shows them "unavailable".
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Thanks for the follow-up post to let us know that DPMS is a good organization. I own one of their M4's and am happy with my purchase even though I think it has one of the tightest headspaces of any of my semi-autos....
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