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I just recieved a CZ-82 from AIM 2 days ago and tried it out this morning.
According to the markings, it was made in 1986.
The finish on it was almost perfect, just very little holster wear on the slide.
One of the mags looked new and the other very good.
One mag had a thin steel floorplate and the other a thicker aluminum one. I would appreciate a little info on that.
I fired 250 rounds through it this morning.
150 Barnhaul 95 gr. FMJ
50 Barnhaul hollowpoint
50 S&B FMJ
The first 2 mags of ammo ( Barnhaul FMJ) jammed every other round. The cartridge was stuck between the slide and the feedramp.
After that no more jams with either mag. I suspect that this pistol was in new condition mechanically, due to seeing no wear on the inside of the slide and frame, and had a burr or two to work out. ( Yes I lubed it with CLP before shooting)
I did have some trouble with the trigger sticking, but figgured out that my right thumb was slightly pressing on the safety and moving my right thumb down a little solved that problem.There seems to be some dead space on the safety before you feel the detent. Does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of that dead space?
I am very pleased overall with this pistol and like shooting it better than my 2 MAKs.

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The stamped and milled floorplates were an earlier and later production floorplate. There was also some difference in the mag release between the earlier and later. George at knows the specifics, will probably see this and post. If not you could always email him @
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