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Though not likely to be the ultimate CZ fan I am right up there. I have the following CZs...75B, 75D PCR, 2075 RAMI, 75 Tactical Sport. All work flawlessly. I keep the clean, well lubed, change recoil springs every 3k-5k rounds. They digest any type of 9mm ammo I feed them. I suspect you may have a magazine problem if the recoil spring did not remedy your feeding problems. Oh, I mention the perfect service from the CZ 70, the 2 CZ 82s, the 3 CZ 52s, the CZ 452 Lux, the CZ 452 Scout, and the CZ 550 FS in 6.5X55. But I have to admit, I am biased! Merry Christmas all.
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