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Knife Dagger Blade Scabbard Cutting tool
Knife Blade Dagger Tool Bowie knife
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I finally nailed a VG+ example of a ROF Poole manufactured bayonet. According to Skennerton, they are made post war, in unknown numbers. Mine is date 1947. I have the WSC 294 I got in 2011, not nearly in this condition. I'll probably go for a refurbished one that's all blued next. I kept missing or being outbid on these most interesting bayonets. In 1967, I paid $25 for a MINT Poole 1946, with frog. Unheard of price for a bayonet then. You got a Mint P07 any maker for $4 with a web P37 frog! Anyways, I use the "P44" terminology, since Brit's stopped using pattern numbers. Helps me to find my bayonets with my "primitive"index card system. With 989 pieces currently, easier to describe markings along with my PIC's The frog was made for this bayonet. First one I've owned. I imagine after these No5's were retired, the frogs were used on the FN FAL designed L1A1 bayonets! Same scabbard. Finally, here it is:
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