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New Arisaka Type 99 Toyo Kogyo Series 30 with pics!

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thanks all for your help on my first post a few weeks ago! I finally had the time to strip the new rifle down and clean it up and get some more photos - good news was it looks like everything matches - I also found some interesting marks inside the handguard - looks like an M or W? - any ideas here? Here are the pics for your viewing pleasure! I also included a pic of the inside of the handguard so you could see the shellac or poly that someone put on the outside.


Auto part Rim Machine Wheel

Tool accessory

Revolver Rim


Finger Cutting tool


Wood Wood stain Table Hardwood Pattern


Rim Pipe Muffler

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Very nice rifle.
Could you please tell me if it has a chrome bore and bolt face?
barrel is def. chrome - I'm pretty sure the bolt is too - but how can I tell for sure?

Here's my 150 grain .311 boattail handloads at 50 yards with 43 grains of IMR 4895:
I'm not a great shot, but I can't complain about the accuracy of this rifle!

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If the face of the bolt is chrome plated, it will have a even, frosted look to it.
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