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I was in the Gander Mountain in Sugarland Tx today and lucked into their $99 91/30's from I.O. I have included some of my less than stellar pics but they will do. Some of you may think I'm an idiot but I chose this one over the triple date mo 91/30 that was also there. I couldn't get both and this one just "spoke" to me as they say. It has a very nice stock, sharp lands, and NO counter bore. It is a 1932 Tula Hex, stamped matching with floor plate lined out. What is really interesting to me is that the bayonet was also stamped matching. I realize this was likely done during refurb but I have never seen ANY matching bayonets and I have owned a few of these. Even though the other one was a triple date mo, I just liked the look and feel of this one. Plus, I'm a sucker for a nice hex receiver.
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