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Never Thought I'd Win It

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I have a 14.9 date T-14 - the first month of the large triggerguard. Around 600 were also produced earlier this month with the small triggerguard which is harder to find. I threw a bid on this thinking I'd never get it but wanted to play in case it went cheap. Well, it did :D
It will go nicely with this rig!
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I am glad you got it. I was watching this one and was going to bid. But when I saw you were the high bidder just before closing, I decided not to go for it.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks TGE, it wouldn't have taken much more to have won it. I wasn't even watching the end of the auction.
Ouch! Well, I am still glad you got it, even though I need a 14.9 STG. So when you get tired of it, please keep me in mind.

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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