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Never Thought I'd Win It

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I have a 14.9 date T-14 - the first month of the large triggerguard. Around 600 were also produced earlier this month with the small triggerguard which is harder to find. I threw a bid on this thinking I'd never get it but wanted to play in case it went cheap. Well, it did :D
It will go nicely with this rig!
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I am glad you got it. I was watching this one and was going to bid. But when I saw you were the high bidder just before closing, I decided not to go for it.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks TGE, it wouldn't have taken much more to have won it. I wasn't even watching the end of the auction.

Kewl, its great that a serious collector is able to secure these beauties.
So what was the reason behind the bigger oval trigger gaurds with Nambus anyways?
The thinking is that more room was needed for use with gloves.

Mike is right about the economic timing - poor time to sell but a good time to buy if you can.

Yoda, I thought about that - according to the Rodent all I really need are these two T-14s ;)
Thanks Dan & Russ,
This brings my pistol collection to the grand total of 9 examples. Four T-14s, two T-94s, T-26, Papa & a Baby. I think that does it :)
Not so Edokko.
My limit is defined by my display cases. This one will share the "rig" spot with the LTG. I've had others that were outside the cases before & they always got sold. Of course I'm not ruling out earlier or later examples of my early/late T-14s & T-94s. It would be nice to have as early or late as possible.
Thanks for the answer to my question about the oversized trigger gaurd's purpose.
Thats pretty unique amoungst pistol designs I would think.
It probably is.
That caused me to recall that the holsters for these pistols changed latch styles this same year from the leather strap with grommet to a spring style latch. I've always meant to but misremembered to try to see how well the LTG pistols fit in the earlier (pre 14 date holsters). Always been curious to know if this change was just coincidental and if there are any internal differences.
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