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Needed: Berthier Carbine Model 1892 parts

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I hope this is an appropriate place for this type of posting... If this is not an acceptable post, please let me know and I will remove it. I am trying to complete the first collectible firearm I own and need a few parts (see the firearm on this thread: )... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Parts for a Berthier Carbine Model 1892 needed:

1. Rear Barrel Band (with sling ring)
2. (1) 3 round stripper clip
3. Cleaning rod
4. Original stock for the Mesquiton Carbine Model 1892

I am unfortunately on a tight budget, but am willing to pay any reasonable price for the above parts... I also would like to mention (for what it's worth), that I have no plans on ever selling this firearm and it will remain in my personal collection. I have a strong French heritage on my Mother's side and this firearm means a lot to me because of that.

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Original Berthier stocks are very hard to find. There is a member here in France who sometimes has some parts available, and for some of you items he may be your best bet.
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