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I'm interested in starting a collection as a collector, but would like a fully functional SKS just in case SHTF.

I'm in California and am limited to only one centerfire firearm per month. I will be starting paperwork in a few days on a used Norinco SKS and plan to get a few - not sure how many. They cost $500 + tax + $37.19 background check. The LGS has 23 in stock with bayonets (can't recall if they're blade or spike) and will pick 5-6 to bring out for me to cherry-pick with the salesperson's help. I was told that the serials numbers weren't matching, but they showed me one last week and the sales clerk said that the numbers matched.
What piqued my curiosity was their floor model, but it had a bent barrel; I thought they were joking, but I could actually see the bend inside the bore.

What should I be looking for to get the best one?
What spare parts should I get?
What accessories would help with increasing its value/sale if I ever need to sell it, eg original bandoliers, 7.62x39 ammo?
Would it make sense to buy that bent barrel SKS at a steep discount and either take it to a gunsmith to un-bend or have a replacement barrel installed?
How do I treat the wood stock for long-term storage in the humid area I live in, e.g. boiled linseed oil?
The LGS doesn't know which country stored the SKSs, Chinese imports of these apparently being banned for years (where's Hunter Biden when we need him? LOL); does anyone know?
Before you buy one, if you are in California, which you are, you need to read and understand the history of restrictions in California (and federal law) here:

This discussion linked above will help you understand what to get and what to avoid.

Read the whole text by clicking on the link above, but in part it reads as follows:

- The "SKS Sporter" (Norinco SKS-D/SKS-M/SKS-NR/MC-5D) is the reason why Penal Code 30710, 30715, 30720, 30730 & 30735 were created. Those Norinco SKSs are banned in California.

"SKS Sporter" = SKS rifle manufactured to use AK magazines.
Now you see where this "fixed vs detachable" comes from - it's from California. And this concept made its way into federal law too in the federal AWB of the late 1990s...

So, to keep it simple (especially in California)... You can get a (10 round) fixed mag SKS. For it to meet the federal requirements that allowed it to be imported (in some of the more recent batches over the past several years or more recently in terms of Chi-Com SKS rifles) it would have been over 50 y/o as determined by the ATF and also would have been deemed to be in original military configuration - wood stock, folding bayonet intact, fixed mag. It also would have been sitting in a neutral country for at least 20+ years before getting sent to the USA, but you don't have to worry about that, the importers / FFLs already handled it.

You just have to look for one which is in good condition and which has the standard 10 round fixed box mag, wood stock, and bayonet (this ensures it is retaining its curio and relic status and is not falling out of federal compliance, which is another discussion). Keep the bayonet on (there are long discussions on this which are better to avoid, just buy one w/ bayo and keep the bayo on, this way you are certain to preserve the curio and relic status).

There are no laws or regulations in California against bayonets or bayonet lugs. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Taking the bayo lug off ("shaving metal") from the SKS will void its curio and relic status... so don't do that!

As to what might cause it to fall out of curio and relic (C&R) status, or out of 922r status, and / or AWB? Handy chart here:

I have a couple SKS rifles and I have found lead free ammo for it - my son and I have used these Chi-Com SKS rifles to successfully hunt wild pig in California.
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