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Need some "values" input M/94(?) and 1891...

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My local class III dealer has a couple rifles that a customer brought in to spin off - but neither of them knew what model / caliber they were. At any rate, the customer is looking to sell them and I wanted some opinions on what would be fair prices to offer for them and thought who better to ask than the Gunboards community!

From what I could gather over the phone here are the details:
Item #1 Carl Gustaf and (then some stuff he couldn't read) 1916 with a barrel length of a little less than 18" and an overall length of roughly 37 1/2". (I am guessing based on the lengths that this would be a M/94 - but haven't seen it yet). Bore is "good" shootable condition - overall condition he guessed at 50% with a little light surface rust on the barrel. Now the bad part and part of the reason I need some opinions - apparently the receiver and possibly the barrel(?!?) were drilled and tapped (no scope bases present though).

Item #2 Mauser Model Argentino 1891 Lowe Berlin with a barrel length of approx 24" and and overall of 43 1/2" (I am guessing that this one has been "sporterized" as I don't see where that matches a particular model?). Bore is dark - but rifling present - outer condition again somewhere around 50% Now the bad parts relating to this one. This rifle was also drilled and tapped, and the bolt has been modified to a bent bolt design where the handle appears to be brazed on and does not want to cycle properly.

On Item #2 I am thinking is going to be good for being used as a wall hanger only (unless there is a lot of value to the non-"improved" parts that would warrant parting it out) So - any insight you guys can offer would be appreciated as I am going to go look at these around 5 today.
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Todd, if the Swede is in fact a model 94 or 94/14 carbine, then the fact that it has been drilled for mounts is going to reduce the value a good bit. On the upside though, the screw holes can be filled with small screws such as the ones used on rifles drilled from the factory but not supplied with mounts. This would at least make the holes less noticeable. All of this depends on if it really is a carbine, and not a cut down infantry rifle. On the Argentine, I would look at it as a parts piece as far as value goes, but it may make a good trade piece, or a project for someone who is interested. If the Swede is a carbine and only drilled for mounts, and without being able to look at them myself, then I would think that I wouldn't offer more than $350 for both since the Argentine sounds like a train wreck.
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The barrel on the Swede was drilled for a ramp type rear sight which has been removed. The barrel length on m94 carbines was 17.7", and in order for them to be imported into the country a small extension was added to make it 18", what is the length of this barrel? The stock is definitely for a M94 carbine. The bolt has had a forged handle added to clear a scope. If the barrel is the correct length, you might be able to find a unaltered bolt, original sights, stock and hardware to put it back into it's original configuration, but it would never be a collector piece. The holes in the receiver and barrel could be filled with filler screws. The Argentine would probably be best considered a shooter/truck gun, as the bolt has been altered and the original rear sight base altered (the front sight is probably the original), the only parts someone might be able to use for a restoration would be the bolt internals, and the magazine and trigger guard parts.
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