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A family friend who recently lost her husband needs to sell some of his collection and asked me to help her. He had some pretty decent uniforms, including three German uniforms with a notarized affidavit from the man who brought them back from France.

Could anyone give me some leads on identifying and valuing WWII uniforms so that I can help her with this? I'd greatly appreciate it. I've done some Google searches, but that has gotten me only so far. You mostly find repro stuff. I'm sure some of his stuff is repro, but a good bit of it appears to be authentic. I'd like to help her the best I can, as she really needs the money.

Here are some pics of four of the German uniforms (including the three pieces brought back) and a WW2 British paratrooper jacket. Maybe just by looking at them someone can tell what is repro and what is authentic. I know at least a couple of the German knives are repros, but one looks original.

Not sure where he got this one:

The camouflage uniform in the pic below was brought back:

Not sure where he got this one:

The coat and pants below were brought back:

Not sure if this is original or repro or where he got it. He didn't keep records.

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