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I can lay hands on a package for what I think is a good price (less than $500) it includes
rifle, excellent to new condition, appears absolutely unfired; total of 4 10rd mags; all the goodies still sealed in plastic, cleaning stuff, slip on butt pad, bayonet and sheath all in same like new or new condition.

In addition to this the package comes with about 240 rds commercial NC 7.5 French ammo in 20rd boxes.

My concern is this: if I purchase this, once the ammo's gone I've got a club. 7.5 around these parts is HIGH. Higher than I normally pay for ammo. I've always wanted one of these but buying ammo for it later scares me.
What would a ballpark value be on the rifle/accessories without the ammo?

Thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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