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Need load recommendations on .54 cal Hawken?

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I'm looking for guidance on loads for my recently completed .54 caliber Hawken rifle. My gun is build from an Investarm Kit. The book says a .530 patched round ball with 100 grains of 2F powder (max.), or a 405 grain Maxi-ball and 90 grains of 2F powder max.

I am somewhat confused about the Maxi-ball, as this is my only BP gun that is not a smoothbore. Dixie Gun works lists a .54 cal, 435 grain Maxi-ball, but no 405 grain ones. I am also wondering if I can shoot a standard Minie Ball in the appropriate caliber?

Comparing the photos of Minie Balls and Maxi Ball it seem that the Maxi Ball doesn't have much of hollow base, and wouldn't expand to enage the rifling nearly as well as the tried and true Minie Ball.

Thanks in advance.
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Lee offers a mould called the REAL bullet, which means rifling engaged at loading. It is essentially the same as a maxi ball. I used one to kill 2 deer last year in .50 cal and they seemed to work just fine. The mould is very inexpensive.
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