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Several years ago I picked up a Montenegrin Gasser revolver is very sorry shape for very cheap. Most of the parts are there, but its missing the axis pin for the cylinder and the ejector rod.

Most of the what is there is junk, the frame is solid, barrel is straight but shot out, and thats about it.

The cylinder is completely ruined, its been crushed in the back with a vise...

So for years its sat, until now. My shop is improving with the addtion of new tools, like my metal lathe.

I'm toying with the idea of dusting off the Gasser and rebuilding it. Of course I need a new cylinder, but I can use the old one for dimensions.

I was wondering if anybody can provide pics and dimensions of the parts I'm missing?

Thank you.

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There was quite a bit of variety in even Gassers sold to Montenegro, as well as other revolvers which were referred to by the name, and sold elsewhere too. Pictures of what you have would be a useful starting-point.

For a cylinder you are going to need an indexing attachment, and you can find entirely adequate Chinese ones for 5c collets relatively cheaply on a certain very large general internet auction site, by searching for "indexing" or "indexer" and then narrowing down the categories. You can get a small lathe chuck with a 5c arbor to hold the workpiece, or make arbors from unmachined 5c blanks.

There are basically two things or groups of things which need to be indexed at five or six positions. One is the cylinder bores, and the other is the rotating and locating arrangements. Essentially you have to make one of these by indexing and cutting on the newly-turned cylinder, then mark one position out of five or six for the other with the cylinder in the revolver, then cut this and the other four or five on the indexer. The Gassers lock the cylinder by a combination of the bolt against the end of the transverse grooves in the cylinder, and the hand against the ratchet. You should aim at having the cylinder come just a couple of hundredths short of pressing the end of the groove against the bolt, and then stone the top of the hand until everything just lines up as the trigger disengages.
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