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I've got an old drilling, bought at an antique market in Norway and would be glad to find out the name of the manufacturer and how old it is.
Shotgun barrels are 16 gauge and the rifle barrel is 7,8 mm 57. The lenth of the barrels is 68 cm. The barrels are made by Krupp. There have "Nitro" stamped, and also "Fluss - Stahl" and "Krupp - Essen".
The serial number is 14850.
There are proof marknings under the barrels as well as many other marks, which are not well readable. The marks I've manage to read are:
"10 gr"
"39" situated close to the serial number,
a mark what is probably "E H",
a mark what is probably "a" situated close to "EH"

I already found out from one of threads on this forum that "Nitro" was stamped on barrels after 1912 and before 1939.
The drilling looks like used a lot and probably repaired some years ago. Comparing with other similiar drillings in net I noticed that the engravings on my one are much more poor than those on the other ones (not original and redone?)

I'm attaching some pictures and can make more proper ones, if necessary.
Will be grateful for all your help


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