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Picked up a very nice looking fancy Swede sling today, and although I dont have pics yet, I thought I would ask if anyone might know what type of sling it might be.

It has at least 3 buckles, one of which is attached to a 9" curved piece of leather that has some type of rubber or pliable plastic made for gripping somehow. In the middle is a very shiny chrome like buckle that has a metal type of wedge used for adjustment.

The leather is in very good condition.
I can read the following stamped on the leather:
Godkand av Overstyrelsen Patentsokt m/Granberg

Your suggestions are appreciated.

Happy New Year

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Sounds like a competition sling.

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Godkänd av Överstyrelsen = Approved by the supreme board of directors = FSR approved
Patentsökt = Patent pending
m/Granberg = The designer/inventor.

In short you have an FSR target sling.

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