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Hey there Jeff! Your personal info was removed from the post because where you had sent that, details like your name, home address, etc. were all publicly visible to anyone.

When dealing on the trader, the best move is to first post a simple "I'll take it" in the respective thread, and then send a private message to the seller where you can discuss your shipping information and other personal details where not all the world can see.

To send a private message to the seller, go back to the original thread and click on their name on the left side under their picture. That should bring you to their profile page. When viewing that page, you should see an option to "Start conversation". Clicking on that will bring you to a page where you can type a title for your message, add whatever info you want in the text box for the message, and then send it by clicking on the Start conversation button at the bottom of that page which has a little pencil-looking symbol by it.

To check and see if the seller has already sent you a message, or to see any responses to a message you sent, you can click on the little square with a 'Q' in it at the top right corner of the screen. That will pop up a menu where you will click on "Conversations" to see any messages or replies that you have waiting to view.

Hope this helps!
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