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Hello all,

Recently a good friend of mine happened to acquire a Carcano rifle from a gun show from a dealer out of York, PA who was selling this as just "Carbine 1918, $325".

Now, I myself, happened to notice it was a Carcano rifle from the rack, but past that I'm not versed in Italian arms by any means. I tried for about an hour or more to find any significant leads on the markings and information on this particular carbine, but could come up with that it's more than likely a Model 91/28.

If anybody is able to give me information on this frankenstein's monster of a firearm, I'd greatly appreciate it (for my sanity) and for my friend's sake of information.

I'm going to be uploading a following string of photo attachments to further example the carbine in question.

Thank you for your time in advance,

- Aaron


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It is not a 91/28 but a Moschetto per Truppe Speciali Modello 1891 Modificato (Musketoon for Special Troops Model 1891 Modified)

There were several changes in different years of these in the sling configurations and bayonet mount on the nose cap. They either kept the original sling configuration, got rid of the one the buttstock and filled it in with wood and the one on the nose cap was also removed. They added a sling bar to the left side on the buttstock and on the left side of the stock. They also later decided to use both type of sling configurations on them. The nose caps for these were configured to use the standard 1891 rifle bayonet instead of the side mounted type and in some cases the original nose cap was replaced with the type used on the 1891 / 1924 and using a barrel band they utilized. See this post for more details ... Chronology of m91 TS Updates
The easiest way to tell if it it is this model is that these will all have the smaller, shorter adjustable rear sight, none of these ever used the larger longer rear sights as used on the 1891/1924 on them.
These have been called as 91/28 models and it was told to me by a well known author on these firearms, in no such way, shape or form were these ever called as 91/28's, there was a Moschetto Modello 1891 / 1928 model but it was specifically used as the nomenclature of the rifle that was designed to use the Tromblonico grenade launcher. They specifically in the different circulars they wrote on the modification of these firearms, use the word modificato or T.S. modificato, nowhere are they referred to as 91/28's. (see website for these circulars that describe this nomenclature).
Rifling: gain-twist rate of starting at the chamber of 1:15.34” (38,96 cm) and finishes up at the muzzle with a twist rate of 1:7.48” (19,00 cm)
Rear Sights Ranges: When the whole rear sight leaf is flipped forward the front of the rifle resting in the notch in the handguard, that notch is calibrated for 300 meters, this the normal way to keep the rear sight leaf during storage or carrying, this sight notch is known as the 'battle sight'. If you flip the rear sight leaf toward the rear of the rifle and resting on the 300 meter notch that notch is calibrated for 450 meters.
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