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Need Help on a t-38

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i could use some help....ive had a few 99's am unfamiliar with 38's. Heres my best explanation. The bolt and safety numbers match the receiver, extractor numbers are so small i cant tell (think it might be mismatched), and the firing pin appears unnumbered. The mum is untouched and so is the wood....still some small cartouches on it. I would say bluing is 85-90%. A little discoloration on the "in the white" bolt. Cleaning rod but no dust cover or sling. Bore is about an 6-7/10....hard to tell as it looks dirty inside.

Here are my concerns...should the firing pin be numbered? also, on 99's the bayo lug is numbered, on this 38 it is this normal? I see no numbers anywhere besides the bolt parts and the receiver. Help? Lastly, i read somewhere that 38s all had peep sites...i cant totally remember but this one looks like it has the v notch but it looks like its been on the rifle forever...

I know theres many variables as i dont know the maker or series....but can you give me an idea of value? Price tag was $200.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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What about the floor plate? It should be numbered on the inside lip
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