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I would say 'leave it alone', according to Peter Laidler the difference between a 303 bolt head (proofed at 18.5 tons) and a 7.62 bolt head (proofed at 19 tons) is minimal. When I was building a couple of 'Enforcer Clones' he advised not to bother hunting for a 19T bolt head.

Secondly - just getting a size 1 bolt head is no guarantee of retaining correct headspace. On a survey ( almost 200 samples) I conducted some time ago size the size 1 actual 'size' came out between 0.622" and 0.636".
If yours is currently near the 'top end' and you replaced it by a size 1 at the 'bottom end' of the range you'd be increasing our headspace by 13 thou (0.013").

NEVER quote a bolt head 'size' always quote an actual 'dimension'
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