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Need a table at SOS, read on?

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A SOS Director called a few minutes ago, there was a two table cancellation in our island so we now have five. These were the two tables facing the center of the room that the previous "owner" had piled so high we were about invisible. If you would like to put militaria on one of our old tables at our price $95, or half of one, half price,($48) let me know. We will be happy to watch your items (s) while you cover the show. I have a "hitch in my get-along" so will be table sitting most of the time. Using one of our tables will give you a table helper (early in) pass. We don't know what the table helper pass situation will be with the two additional tables. Here's a good chance to unload some of that militaia that you have that you are no longer in love with. IF INTERESTED EMAIL ME - [email protected]
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I'll take a half table.
Did you say you had two tables? I see that two individuals got one half-table each. Does this mean that a table is available? If so I would be very interested in it! Please let me know.

Best wishes,

William, better EMAIL him like it says in the post, if you want to connect for sure!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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