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Hello Everyone,

I came across this JG Mod 71/84, the rifle is in excellent condition might have been re-arsenaled. The barrel lenght and front sight have me baffled, I can't find any pictures or reference in my "Mauser's of the World" book or on the web. Can anyone shed some light on this rifle.

Thank you,



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Bubba, or more likely a German Outfitter/Disposal House Pre-WW I (ALFA or AKAH) has done the shortening work, to make it into a "Target/Hunting rifle"
The late date ( 1888) also makes it a Candidate for such disposal; It is definitely NOT a JB 71/84...the typical JB triggerguard is not there...

Nice gun, though, but only a shooter and possibly an example ( for the ultra-specialised collector) of German pre-WW I disposal Rifles).

Doc AV
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