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Hey guys. I posted this gun on the K98k forum a month or so ago (so sorry if you've already seen it) but I was hoping that you gents might be able to help me figure out what this holster is, or point me to any good source of information on German occupation Hi-powers. The pistol is a WWII bringback by my Great Uncle Dave. He also brought back a Vz.23 Czech Mauser. The holster is somewhat of a mystery to me. All I know is that the pistol came back from Europe in that holster, and it's been in that holster for a while (the holster has perfectly formed to the gun). Someone told my that it is a P08 Luger holster, but I'm pretty sure it's a revolver holster. It appears to be completely unmarked. If anyone could point me towards information on this holster or German-issued Hi-Powers, I would be most appreciative.

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