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That was my opinion of the show. I thought that it was better than the Goodman Show (known among my friends as the "Pimp my Glock" shows) and on par with the Pope shows. I was on a budget and left after spending $25. Sorry, but a new roof and a future trip to CMP South kept me from spending more.

I went Saturday morning, getting there around 9:30. Admission was $9 including the $1 off coupon. The show seemed well organized and decently lit. I would have felt better with a bore light or similar if I was going to purchase a firearm there. I saw a little bit of everything for everyone. I was looking for accessories for a carbine and left with some LC .30 caliber ammo. One thing that I will warn anyone who might be going on Sunday is to go early or be prepared to walk. Parking at the venue is best described as "challenging".

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