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I guess I'm the wet blanket. If it weren't for the fellow with the estate rifles, the rest was a bust. Purses, knives, stuffed bunnies, knives, $5,000.00 Lugers, more knives, some interesting US surplus stuff, Cheap Chinese knives, nun chucks, brass knuckles, (did I mention they had knives?) PLUS it was $10.00 to get in!!! Crazy. The only thing that they were missing was the beef jerky (Did I overlook it?).
I came close to getting a nice 1942 Savage, but it had the Ishey screw, which I didn't like; but it was overpriced; I spoke to the fellow on the table, very nice guy, but he just didn't have room to move on it. If I hadn't have driven 2 hours to get there, I'd have walked away. $10.00 to get into that was insane. (Did I mention they had knives?)
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