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Nagoya Series 7 with rope hole stock

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I recently aquired a type 99 Nagoya series 7 serial number 635 with a rope hole, two nail butt plate last ditch style stock. I suspect stock is not original for this series rifle. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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I took pics of serial prefix symbol and arsenal marks on barrel. I am not sure what symbol means after Nagoya arsenal mark. Stock has rough wood tool marks but more of blonde color finish and not near as dark in barrel pictures. I am not sure if it is original, may be refinished based on finish gloss and blonde color. I dont have a stock pic with me today...

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Thanks for clarification. I may leave stock in place it adds a bit of character to gun. My cost would be easy to recover at $30 for rifle. I have good luck with the local gun shop keeping me in mind on miltary weapons that he does not want to deal with normally. Great shooting gun, glad to have it in the collection. I plan to add more.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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